Domik Systems has extensive expertise in various software technologies and strives to utilize the best tools for each job.


Clojure is a hosted language that runs on the JVM and offers interoperability with Java, allowing users to leverage Java libraries. Additionally, Clojure’s dialect, ClojureScript, compiles to JavaScript, enabling interaction with JavaScript libraries. Clojure systems are elegant, featuring dense code, and developers can utilize the same syntax and most of the standard library for both backend and frontend development. It is a versatile tool that allows us to express any ideas.

Erlang/OTP and Elixir

Erlang/OTP is a language and runtime specifically designed for building soft-realtime systems, originating from Ericsson. The BEAM virtual machine defines processes that communicate through message passing, following the Actor model. This model facilitates the construction of distributed asynchronous systems. OTP, which stands for Open Telecom Platform, provides primitives for creating supervision trees of processes, enabling the development of resilient and fault-tolerant systems.

Cloud Computing

Our expertise in cloud computing allows us to:

  • Automate the build, deployment, and exposure of services.
  • Enhance system availability and stability.
  • Effectively manage costs and mitigate risks associated with cloud infrastructure.
  • Develop infrastructure using Infrastructure as Code (IAC) tools such as AWS CDK and Terraform.
  • Strengthen system security.

Please let us know how we can assist you in leveraging these technologies to achieve your business goals.